Regulatory Comment Request: Info Collection: National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES)—Revision

All WIC RDs: Please respond directly to Dawn Ballosingh, WH DPG Chair, at dballosingh@oneworldomaha.org to collate on behalf of the group or fill out the form and send it to Mark (mrifkin@eatright.org) directly. Deadline is November 2nd.

The Policy Initiatives and Advocacy office is specifically seeking your input on these comment opportunities.  Research, PN, NEP, DIFM, WM, WH, PHCN, BHN and VN DPGs are each a key Academy stakeholders on this topic.   The deadline by which we seek input back to the Academy is Friday, November 2, 2018.  Apologies for the abbreviated timeline.

Our comment form is now a Google Document where you can identify your DPG and add comments.  We hope this is easier and more useful than the previous Word template.  Any specific questions raised by the respective agency will be included in each document as well.

The CDC is seeking to modify their NHANES survey by adding questions about WIC participation, B to 24, and infant and toddler formula.  Indicators of oral, bone, reproductive, and mental health will be paired with other variables or exam/lab results.  Other relevant content includes food security and nutrition program participation, dietary supplement use, and weight history/self-image/related behavior.  Please feel free to select the content of most value to you and your DPG.  We haven’t yet received the draft survey from the agency, so please comment on your ideal vision of such a document.   We will forward the draft as soon as it’s received.

We suggest you share this opportunity as you choose (that is, with specific members, and/or your membership in general) and then consolidate comments on behalf of your respective DPGs to send to Mark by November 2.

If you or your members choose to submit comments as individuals, and not as a DPG, that should be specified on the template document.  If the deadline is too tight, I may be able to extend by a day or so, but I need sufficient time to finish drafting and getting the final product approved by the Legislative and Public Policy Committee.