Webinar: The Human Microbiome: Beyond the Gut Offered by The Scientist

The human microbiome has been linked to health and disease. Recent improvements in and better accessibility to high-throughput screening have transformed scientists’ ability to perform research in this area. This has resulted in a tremendous increase in our knowledge of microbial diversity. The gastrointestinal tract is just one of many microbial homes in the human body. Other parts of the body that contain a hotbed of microbial communities include the skin, lungs, reproductive tract, mouth, and breasts. Microbiota in these areas could affect various aspects of our health, including our ability to accept transplants, our susceptibility to certain diseases, and the health of our offspring. To examine the human microbiome beyond the gut, The Scientist is bringing together experts from the field to share their research and answer questions from webinar attendees.

Topics to be Covered

  • The microbiome of breast milk
  • Vaginal microbiome and reproductive health and disease

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