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I highly encourage all of you to visit the Academy’s Invaluable MNT Reimbursement Resources available at
At the Academy headquarters, we thank Marsha Schofield, Director of Nutrition Services Payment Team, and her wonderful staff Michelle Kuppick, Karen Ferranitella, Ryan Crinnigan and Mara Bujnowsky, who are on their toes and are always there to help us. My sincere thanks to them for making themselves available and reaching out to us when we need them.

Are you ready to use ICD 10 codes as of October, 1, 2015 ?

For your convenience please refer to the commonly used codes in the link below as an example:

Action Alerts remain open for 2 bills specifically affecting RDNs in the Reimbursement Arena among several other Action Alerts:

1. The Treat and Reduce Obesity Act
2. The Preventing Diabetes in Medicare Act

The Treat and Reduce Obesity Act (HR 2404) now has 104 cosponsors, 14 of whom joined on June 9 (the day of Congressional meetings at the Academy’s Pubic Policy Workshop (PPW)), and another 48 of whom have signed on since that date. It has not yet been reported out of either of the House committees to which it was assigned: 1) Energy and Commerce, and 2) Ways and Means. For details, and to see if your representative signed on, go to: Its companion bill in the Senate (S 1509), now has ten co-sponsors, five of whom signed on since PPW. It has not yet been reported out of the Senate Finance committee. Details are at: https://www.

The Preventing Diabetes in Medicare Act (HR 1686) now has 13 co-sponsors, 12 of whom signed on since PPW. It has not yet been reported out of either of the House committees to which it was assigned: 1) Energy and Commerce, and 2) Ways and Means. Details are at: https://www. There is no companion bill in the Senate yet.

Hosted in the Academy website– Here is the pathway to the following webinars and other resources:

Under “Practice” → “Getting Paid in the Future” → “Emerging Healthcare and Delivery” → Scroll down to the “Affordable Care Act”

-The Affordable Care Act, What’s in it for me? (February 2014)
-Reimbursement, New game, New Rules (March 2014)

Under “Practice” → “Getting Paid ” → ” Nuts and Bolts of getting paid” → Scroll down to “Practice management”

-Alphabet Soup (Presented by Jane White, PhD, RD)
-Business Management Considerations (Presented by Lucille Beseler, RD)
-Credentialing Process (Presented by Suzanne Luchetti, RD)
-Superbill, with sample (Presented by Linda Arpino , RD)

Under “Practice” → “Getting Paid ” → “Who pays for Nutrition Services ” → Scroll down to “Expanding Coverage “

-Grassroots Marketing of MNT- Approaching Insurers and Employer Groups
-Grassroots Marketing of MNT- Approaching Decision Makers

Other Resources on the website :

Under “Practice” → “Getting Started with Payment” → Scroll down to the following :

-Billing Guide for Registered Dietitians (All RD version)
-Medicare MNT

Under “eatright Store” → “Toolkits”

-A Toolkit for the RD/PCP Partnership

—–MNT Provider is a 4 page Monthly Newsletter packed with current cutting edge information.

—–The Academy has created a Reimbursement Community Web author Page where hundreds of RDNs around the country participate in an interactive discussion. You can post your questions and someone from your own state may answer you question specifically related to your state since some rules & regulations of reimbursement vary from state to state.
—–Nutrition Entrepreneur DPG is another source of information as far as MNT Reimbursement is concerned.
—–The Academy published a book, “Making Nutrition Your Business Private Practice and Beyond” –Faye Berger Mitchelle, RD and Ann M. Silver, MS ,RD,CDE,CDN.

Please share stories of any consumer you know who has been harmed by the Nutrition Services provided by Non Licensed/Non Certified Health Care Professionals in your area.

All RDs are Nutritionists but not all Nutritionists are RDs.


Update (3/10/16): The Wyoming Public Policy Panel successfully lobbied for Wyoming Medicaid to recognize Licensed Registered Dietitians as direct health care providers. The bill amends Wyoming’s Medical Assistance and Services Act to allow services rendered by licensed dietitians to qualify for Medicaid reimbursement starting July 1, 2016. This bill will improve access to care for Medicaid beneficiaries and provide the opportunity to better track the utilization and value of dietitian services.