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Academy Priority Areas
The 2012-2014 priorities areas are divided into two areas that align with the Academy’s Strategic Road Map and are targeted to enhance our members’ value in policy initiatives and to improve the nutritional health of Americans. For the first time, the evidence that supports the Academy’s positions and policy efforts has been included.

The legislative and public priority areas for 2012-2014 include the following:

Consumer and Community Issues

  1. Prevention and treatment of chronic disease, including health care equity
  2. Meeting nutrition needs through the life cycle: maternal and child nutrition to
    healthy aging
  3. Quality food and nutrition through education, production, access and delivery
  4. Nutrition monitoring and research

Professional Issues

  1. Licensure: Protection of the Public
  2. Workforce demand: Assuring the Public has access to nutrition services delivered by qualified practitioner
  3. Outcome driven nutrition services in changing health systems

Call to Members! Take action on public policy and legislation that impacts or potentially impacts the profession by visiting the Academy Take Action Web page or visiting the Academy Grassroots Manager.

Academy House of Delagates Representative – Denise Andersen, MS, RD, LD
Legislative Coordinator – Dawn Ballosingh, RD, LMNT, MPA