Happy Holidays from the WH DPG!

We wish all of our WH DPG members and affiliates a safe and happy holiday season filled with love, laughter, and lots of good food! We hope you’re finding time to enjoy this holiday season with friends and family! Best wishes, The WH DPG Executive Committee



Happy Thanksgiving!

On behalf of the Women’s Health Leadership and its volunteer committees, we extend our heartiest greetings to all of our members for making this a vibrant DPG. We are always thankful that you have chosen to be a part of this DPG and appreciated the great work you all do for Women’s Health and the incredible expertise that you […]



Today is World Diabetes Day!

How Can an RDN Help with Diabetes?For individuals with diabetes, choosing nutritious foods and watching portion sizes helps to control blood sugar levels. A registered dietitian nutritionist can help people with diabetes learn how to get the nutrients they need. Learn more here: diabetes • Registered dietitian nutritionists treat Type 2 diabetes with medical […]



Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Awards and Grants Open Today!

For more information: Diversity Awards and Grants The Academy offers several awards and grants to support the diverse growth of the profession. National Honors and Awards The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics honors individuals who have advanced the nutrition and dietetics profession, have exhibited leadership and have shown devotion to serving others in both nutrition […]