Mentoring Program

Women’s Health DPG membership includes dietitians with amazing depth of knowledge and experience in all areas of women’s health in  a variety of health care and public health settings. We hope you are interested in sharing your expertise with a member who is looking for a mentor. Your participation as a mentor or mentee can provide you with an opportunity to expand your career expertise and satisfaction.

What is a mentor? A mentor is a member of the Women’s Health DPG who volunteers to provide expertise, guidance and support to a mentee.

What is a mentee?  An inquisitive member who seeks guidance and advice from a mentor

Please note: the viewpoints and statement of WH DPG Mentors may not reflect the policies and/or official position of the Academy. Opinions expressed and recommendations are those of the individual Mentor.

Contact us with questions or login to the Members section to apply to be a mentor/mentee.